DIY Man Cave – 5 Tips To Help You Get Started

A man cave isn’t your average recreation room. It’s a special spot in your home – one that

has your personality and the things you LOVE in it. But when it’s your own hands that built

your man cave, the room gets even more special…and less expensive if I may add!

If you’re thinking about building a DIY man cave, read the following 5 tips to get you going

in the right track:

diy man cave

Find The RIGHT Location

Your place may not be as massive as that of the flamboyant Tony Stark. However, that

shouldn’t stop you from piecing together your very own man cave. Perhaps you have an

unused basement or a vacant guess room? Maybe you have a garage space that no one else

uses? If you do, then you’re ready to rock and roll!

Now, if you do have your own room (aside from the one you and your wife uses), things get

even easier. Your personal space may look a little too unrefined to invite the boys in, but

don’t worry. With a bit of paint; some DIY skills; an ounce or two of creativity; topped with

the right man cave elements, that rugged personal room of yours can be transformed to an

awesome man cave where your friends would love to hang out!

Sit Down And Think About Your Cave’s Focal Point

Your man cave’s focal point can be just about anything you’re passionate about. It can be

your home theater and sound system; trophy case; your stockpile of comic books; massive

posters of the MMA fighters you root for; library of classic and modern chess books…the list

is virtually endless!

Themed Man Cave

It is HIGHLY recommended that you decide on your cave’s focal point or centerpiece before

anything else as this will help you find the right theme. Once you’ve decided on your man

cave’s focal point, visualize where you want to place it in and plan how you’re going to

design the rest of the room around it.

Don’t forget to make a list of accessories and décor that will further highlight the theme.

This list will come handy when determining how much financial power you need to invest

in your DIY man cave. Speaking of décor and design elements, here are some of the most

common (and essential) elements that every cave should have:

Wide Screen, High-Definition TV: What’s a man cave without one!? There’s no better

way to enjoy your favorite sports and movies than with a wide screen HDTV.

Samsung and Sony are two of the best manufacturers of HDTV. While their models are not

necessarily budget-friendly, Samsung’s and Sony’s HDTVs top the charts when it comes to

durability and quality. On the other hand, if you want an HDTV that’s easier on the pocket

but doesn’t sacrifice quality too much, you definitely want to look into Sharp’s offerings.

Surround Sound System: If Beavis can’t be separated from Butthead, then an HDTV

shouldn’t be without a surround sound system! After all, how can you enjoy the crystal clear

movies and images in your HDTV without the 3D positional audio to go with it?

Game Table: Perhaps you’re a huge movie or sports nut, BUT doing nothing but watch

films and sports shows for hours on end is an invitation to boredom. So consider adding a

game table (ex.: pool, foosball, table tennis) to keep things fun even if there isn’t a BIG

game to watch.

Snacks And Drinks Are MUST-HAVES

Men are natural hunters and our appetites could rival that of a mammoth. Sometimes,

however, you might feel too lazy to leave your cave to find food and drinks to curb that

monstrous desire to munch on something.

With that in mind, you should have a stockpile of munchies and beverages in your man cave

that you can turn to when the hunger pangs set in after watching sports or playing games

for hours on end. Not to mention a snack stash comes handy when your gang gives your

cave a visit.

“But my man cave isn’t big enough!”

You don’t have to go for a full-blown bar. Believe me; even the smallest of rooms will have

enough space for a small cabinet where you can store your favorite finger foods. Now, if

space isn’t a concern, you can go all-out and have a wet bar in your man cave…complete

with a microwave oven and refrigerator to keep your snacks fresh and drinks cold.

Power Up Your Man Cave

Regardless of the theme and centerpiece of your DIY man cave – may it be your favorite, old-
school arcade games; sci-fi memorabilia; or your home theater, one thing is for sure: your

man cave will need power…lots of it if I may add!

You want to ensure that your high-end gaming PC and consoles like Xbox360 or PS3; home

theater equipment and sound system; and other elements are powered by a clean and

protected energy source. Pay special attention and choose the right surge protector that can

handle the electricity load that your man cave needs.

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