Garage Man Cave Ideas – A Quick Guide On Converting Your Garage

A garage that no one else in the family wants to hang out in – that’s all you need to get

started. And if you do have one, here are four garage man cave ideas that can turn that

barren space in your home into an awesome spot that everyone wants to chill at!

Planning The Conversion

“How extensive do you want the conversion to be?”

This is the very first decision you have to make. If you plan to stay on your soon-to-
be man cave all day and night, and you live in a region where the weather suffers from

extreme ‘mood swings’ like you-know-who, then you’ll have a lot of stuff in your plate for

the next two to four weeks!

Heating, air condition, insulation – these are just some of the factors you need to pay close

attention to in order to convert your garage into a full-blown man cave. This is especially

true if you intend to add electronics and gadgets in your garage man cave. HVAC and

insulation are must-haves to keep your ‘toys for the big boys’ safe and sound against

humidity, extreme temperatures, and other not-so-friendly elements.

Having said that, if your man cave is mainly for socializing and drink binging with the gang,

you can get away with a simpler conversion project that requires less effort. You can settle

for a primitive man cave – one that has nothing more than the bare-bones (couch, storage,

maybe a low-to-mid range HDTV, etc.), if that’s what you like.

Now, which route you should take is totally up to you.

Time To Clean The Mess Up

Once you’ve decided how extensive the conversion should be, it’s time to get rid of the stuff

in your garage that’s doing nothing but collect dust. Now, if they are worth something, you

can sell them through auction sites like eBay or you can hold a garage sale. Doing so will

give you MORE financial power to invest in the garage conversion.


As for the things that are broken and outright unusable, it’s time to throw them out.

Or, if they hold immense sentimental value, you can store them somewhere in the

house…although your girlfriend or wife might not be too receptive with the idea.

Don’t get me wrong: building a garage man cave doesn’t mean you have to get rid of ALL

the stuff in your garage. What it means, however, is that you need to clean up the area;

organize your storage; and free up as much floor space as possible. In light of that, it is

almost mandatory to buy a few shelves, cabinets, or racks.

Pay Close Attention To Finishes

Even the best garage man cave ideas will fall flat on its face without the finishes (ex.: dry

wall, insulated flooring, paint, etc.) that will elevate your garage to a REAL man cave.

Garages can get extremely dirty when left alone, and you may want to consider applying

epoxy coating to the concrete floor; add a fresh paint of coat to its walls; and patch up any holes or cracks. This will go a long way in giving your garage man cave a neat look while

keeping dirt and dust at bay.

You sure don’t want to play poker, pool, or shoot darts barefooted while on an ice-cold floor!

You want something that’s forgiving and conducive to all-day playing. Concrete floors can

get really cold, and if that’s true for your garage, you want to install floor boards and keep

the floor insulated Another perk of adding floor boards is that you can add a carpet on top

of it, which will give your man cave a classier look. Alternatively, you can keep the floor

concrete BUT it’s highly recommended that you add large rugs on top of it.

As for your garage’s unfinished ceiling, you can leave it as it is or you can add drywall as

well as paint. Whichever route you take, you want to add lighting gears…unless your friends

have this masochistic inclination to play poker in complete darkness. If you decide to skip

the AC, adding a ceiling fan to keep the air circulating should cut it.


Adding The “Man” To The Man Cave

Make that space your own, conquer it! A garage man cave won’t be complete without

your chosen theme or focal point. You can opt to keep certain parts of your man cave as

a garage with power tools and camping gears hanging on the walls. Or, you can turn the

whole place into…

• A bar and even add a stripper pole

• A sci-fi geeks’ nest complete with Star Wars action figures, DVD collections, and


• A sports fan’s man cave with posters of famous sportsmen and a game table

The choice is yours and yours alone. Make it comfortable and make it yours!

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