Man Cave Essentials And Accessories You MUST Have!

Wondering what man cave essentials and accessories you should buy? While the answer

largely depends on your man cave’s theme and focal point, there are a handful of things

EACH and EVERY man cave should have. What are they? Read on!

High-Definition Television: A man cave won’t be complete without an awesome HDTV!

Think about it: how’re you going to watch the latest UFC matches; football games; and

explosive action movies without one?


Regardless how fun it is to play poker, darts, chess, or pool in your man cave, nothing

beats watching made-for-men TV shows without let-up! When it comes to TVs, the bigger is

always the better…and the louder your wolf pack will howl with joy and envy. You shouldn’t

go smaller than 42 inches for your cave’s HDTV. If you can find one that’s ultra-thin; easily

hangs on the wall; and fits your budget, then all the better!

Oh, and don’t forget to include the HDTV’s best bud – a surround sound system, when you

shop for your man cave essentials!

people chilling

Sofa And Recliners: You don’t intend to sit on the floor, do you? When shopping for a

sofa, go for the biggest, deepest, and softest one your budget allows. Alternatively, you

can settle for a leather couch, one that you always see when watching “something” on the

internet…if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, if you want to put your feet up; stretch out every now and then; eat

meals inside your man cave; or go for 12 hours of non-stop watching, getting multiple

sectional recliners is a MUST. Trust me, you and your boys will LOVE it!

Cigars And Ashtrays: If you and the rest of the gang are smokers, make sure to keep

different brands of cigars available. And don’t forget to grab a bunch of ashtrays unless you

want your man cave to turn into an ashy mess!

On the other hand, if you don’t smoke and want to keep your house smoke-free, make sure

there’s an accessible door available so your buddies can easily exit and puff away outdoors.

Fridge And Beer…LOTS Of Beer: You don’t want pause the movie you’re watching or

miss that game-winning touchdown to run to the kitchen and grab some drinks.

beer fridge That’s just

too ineffective for a man cave! Not to mention running around the house makes you prone

to being roped into throwing the garbage; chit-chatting with your wife’s friends; and other

stuff that you don’t want to be a part of.

You want to keep a steady supply of drinks that you can easily reach for when you need

to quench your thirst. True, not every man cave has enough space to accommodate a full-
service bar. At the very least, you should have a refrigerator to keep your drinks cool and

ready. Don’t hold back and even think about grabbing a college dorm fridge. Those mini-
refrigerators are made for college dorms…NOT man caves. They can’t even hold enough

beer for your wolf pack!

And speaking of beers, don’t skimp and keep your bar or refrigerator stocked with beer.

Dos Equis, Carlsberg, Heineken – these are just some of the manliest brands of beer

around…and you want a dozen around when it’s time for drink binging or beer-pong.

A Bunch Of Posters: You are the man of the house. The man cave is under your sole

jurisdiction, and you should have rules in place. While you may not mind calling out

someone for a violation and your friends don’t take offense, you’ll sound like a broken

record when you keep repeating yourself. So get a sign printer and print a poster of rules.

That way, you can just point to the poster when one of your buddies violates your rules.

Now, you don’t want to look or sound like a grumpy fella whose man cave has only one

massive poster that’s all about his house-rules.

Don’t forget to add movie posters! Which ones to add? Well, that depends on your

preference and the generation you grew up with. Top Gun, Die Hard, and Rocky are

perfectly fine. If you’re someone who’s in his late twenties, Expendables, Looper, and

posters from any Jason Statham movie might be more to your liking.

Game Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii – these gaming consoles will be an absolute

hit for those who have proven their worth to enter your man cave. Of course, you want to

have more than one game ready!

Alternatively, you can keep your modern consoles boxed up and bring out your old Nintendo

Entertainment System to hook-up with your HDTV! This makes for a good old-school

gaming session. Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man 2, Duck Hunt, Wild Gun Man, and Mike

Tyson’s Punch-Out are just some of the all-time favorites that you want to have in your man


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